Ivelum is a distributed team Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo Teams photo
of 27 engineers headquartered in Vilnius,  LithuaniaLithuania. We've been helping both start-ups and established businesses build their products since 2003. We also have our own projects, like Teamplify.

Almost 3 million users have registered with our products. And the number is growing.


We specialize in full-stack web development, from rapid prototyping
of ideas to building production-ready systems that scale to millions of users. We work on problem analysis, UX, frontend, backend, and operations, while providing project management at all stages.

We emphasize creativity and optimize for efficiency. We like to experiment and learn, but our teams stay focused on their goals to deliver fast results in short iteration cycles.


Python, Django,and Celery are
our favorite tools for the backend. On
the frontend, we rely on ES2019, React.js, and SASS. We choose either GraphQL or REST for our APIs. Most of our projects are hosted on AWS, and we know this platform quite well. Redshift, Spark, Pandas, and a bunch of other technologies have worked well for our data manipulation tasks.

Our release cycle is fast and heavily automated. We use Docker with orchestration and automated infrastructure management with CloudFormation or Terraform. We also use CI and CD for all of our projects and release to production frequently: often dozens of times per day. Datadog, Sentry, and CloudWatch help
us to monitor the production systems' health.


We love open-source!

Among our developers are contributors
to Django, stylelint, Hopscoth, django-redis and many other open-source projects. We built and maintain DjangoQL, an advanced search language for Django.
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Teamplify is a personal assistant for software development teams. It connects to your existing tools, like Jira, Git, or Slack, and helps to visualize work progress and spot situations that may require a manager's or team lead's attention. We initially created it as an internal tool for our teams, but it has worked so well for us that we thought other teams might benefit from it too. Learn more