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How we work? FAST

Life is too short for bad software

We love building quality software, and we love to do it fast.

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Rapid prototyping

... is great for shaping ideas and identifying main technology risks. UI wireframes and mockups can save a lot of time on full-scale design. Working proof-of-concept code demonstrates how viable the new technology is. We want your project to succeed, and we know how important it is to verify assumptions early.

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Full-stack development

... is what makes us different. Our teams move faster and build better-quality products by eliminating friction between the backend and frontend. Some people are skeptical about it being possible to find high-qualified full-stack developers. We know first-hand that it's hard but doable, and our team proves that it is possible. For most projects, it's a game changer.

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True DevOps

In its original meaning, DevOps is a methodology for the whole team and not a job title. We treat it exactly like that. Our development teams know how to operate production environments and deploy their work safely. Ubiquitous automation and robust safety nets allow us to push to production daily while maintaining excellent uptime.

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Work transparency

Work transparency and timely reporting are important for project planning and productive collaboration. However, avoiding unnecessary distractions is important too – if we care about developer productivity (and we do; a lot). Over the years, we learned how to find that delicate balance and built a tool to encourage and facilitate the best engineering management practices Teamplify.

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Open communication

Productive communication is crucial for team and project success. We prefer to have open team communication by default. It greatly helps us keep the team in sync and minimize distractions.